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Monday, December 30, 2013

Long time coming, but still going.

So, this was my horoscope today:
I'd like to say that I don't exactly believe in horoscopes, but you can't beat the feeling of someone else telling you what you are feeling as you're feeling it. Needless to say, this couldn't have been any more fitting to my life in its current state.

That being said, my internal fountain of positivity has been running drier than normal, perhaps in need of spring showers, or something different than water flowing through the fountain drains? Maybe, starting something I've never tried before (blogging) will be the Kool-Aid powder I need to shake up my life.

Wow, thats deep! Don't expect that in future posts.

So, I've claimed a small piece internet, put my name on it, and called it mine. Maybe it won't be anything more than an online journal? Or maybe not?

Here goes nothing... or everything.

xoxo katiedaisie