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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Double Whammy Music Discovery

Lianne La Havas
Yesterday's usual internet peruse lead me to Free People's BLDG 25 Blog post about their song pick of the week (find it here) for a week mid-December. They choose an upcoming, London born, artist by the name Lianne La Havas, and what a ring that name has. Free People highlighted one song in particular, "No Room For Doubt" accompanied by a video published by 'La Blogothèque,' in which the young girl casually walks the streets of Paris with an electric guitar and amp strapped to her waist. Between street performers, artists, and sometimes scrutinizing pedestrians, she plays for those who will listen and even those who don't. Her voice is so pure and by the end of the video I was hooked, searching for more of her work in awe and admiration of her voice, style, and perfectly lop-sided bun.

La Blogothèque
At the end of the above mentioned video, suggestions for similar items are presented to you, the viewer. I had immediately noticed another video by Lianne La Havas, done on the same channel (this one here). Similar beauty to the first can be found in this one, and I really just loved the vibes both videos contain. Searching for more a second discovery was made. La Blogothèque This youtube channel takes your favorite, often underrated musicians, and captures their raw talent for display. A Take Away Show, as both of the above mentioned videos are labeled, is a type of video La Blogothèque posts which display the very intimate artist-art relationship, live and raw/uncut. I have loved each of the works I've allowed my eyes and ears experience, I think mostly because each allows an innocent love for the music to be expressed for both points of view, artist and viewer. It's about the music and the passion people have for the music, and I love it because it's something you don't usually get to experience. 

This one is my favorite posted by La Blogothèque that I have seen so far but all are incredible and absolutely stunning.

Heres some links if you'd like to discover more for yourself: