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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Utah and Gymnastics.

Back in April, my gymnastics team traveled to Salt Lake city Utah to compete. I packed my bags, including my camera, keen to document the entire experience. This competition in particular was close to everyone's heart as it's main goal was to raise funds in support of Team USA's most decorated tumblr, Kalon Ludvigson. You can read about Kalon and the accident here.

If you've never been to a gymnastics competition before, this video I created sums up the experience fairly well.  Though you may not know all the faces personally, you can get a pretty good feel for what kind of person they are.

The Salt lake city convention center had this cool structure attached that goes straight up in the air. Apparently does something amazing like make noise when the wind blows through it but I didn't get to experience that. this is what it looked like standing dead center and looking straight up.

After competition on the second day a few teammate that didn't compete the next morning wandered the back streets and dark alleyways for an underground Mexican food joint that allows it's customers to ride donkeys. Needless to say we found it but the donkey part was a false plea to get people to try their food.

Here's some other pictures I took but I don't have an explanation for.

xoxo, katiedaisie

P.s. I welcome your critiques of my photographing skills will open arms. :)

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