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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Best Gifts I've Ever Recieved

As far as physical gifts (the ones that require some value of monetary input on the giver's part) go, it's safe to say everyone receives their fair share of both "Oh My Gosh, how'd you know?" and "Oh My Gosh, I can't wait for you to turn away so I can throw this in the nearest waste receptacle." I'd like to share three of my most favorite gifts I've ever been given.

Stuffed Bunny Rabbit
From: Easter Bunny 
Received: Easter 1995
The Story: It's hard to believe this ratty bunny was once plush and an exuberant shade baby pink as years worth of love and cuddles are definitely visible now. This is my most prized possession and the one thing I'd go back to save if the house were to burn down. At one point I couldn't sleep without and even at 19 I prefer to leave a space for it among my blankets and pillows.

US Passport
From: Mom & Dad
Received: High School Graduation
The Story: This was the only thing I had asked for my high school graduation. Honestly I've only used it for a few long weekends with my friend's family to Mexico (I don't even think it's been stamped). Simply owning the tiny book gives me the feeling of having to world at my finger tips as if the universe and all it has to offer is mine for the taking.

❤ Refurbished Nikon D3200 DSLR

From: Mom & The Pops
Received: Christmas
The Story: I don't know much beyond the automatic setting on this thing (yet) but having a different perspective is both fun and refreshing. Because it was purchased refurbished, I'm not worried about being hard on it. I was told that the first camera you own is not meant to be ideal or perfect in any way, that I should "shoot the s***" out of it and learn what you like and don't like before venturing to want you really think you want/need (good advice from an aussie with a dip-dyed goatee). Overall, it's a gift that keeps giving through exhilarating challenges and the way I see the space around me.

What is your favorite gift you've ever received?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Treatment Mask

If dry skin could dream it would dream of this product all night long and then secretly day dream about it too.

Last fall, as soon as the weather started the change, my skin was covered in dry, chapped patches that were itchy and flaky and difficult to deal with (closely resembling excema but not quite). After venturing to various drugstores looking for quick relief, I found a gem of all gems.

As a "moisturizing face mask' it promised to do everything I needed. 18$ and a week later my skin felt better than it had in a long while, well exceeding my highest of hopes.

I found myself reaching for this product when, at the turn of summer, similar but smaller dry patch appeared. This time was perfectly paired with an acne outbreak. I noticed that this mask almost seemed to help push the blemishes to the surface and almost heal them in it's own special way as well as heal the heal the Sahara desert patch. I realized that whatever kind of magic is in this, I need it in my life.

I think the whole premise of this product is similar to using a massive amount of moisturizer,letting it soak in, and then wiping away the excess which I'm sure you could do with a regular cream. I like this because there is a thick consistency that sticks to itself and your face without gooping all over the way it seems like a normal moisturizer would.

The product squeezes out thick like toothpaste but spreads like a cream. Feels refreshing, smells like nothing with a hint of sage and leaves skin feeling plump with moisture; more so than a night cream would. It was worth every penny in my opinion.

I like to use it just after washing my face but before bed and I have even used a small amount on my seasonal patches without the intention of wiping it off like you would when used as a mask.

I highly recommend this product to anyone experiencing their share of dry skin or seasonal flakes

Hope all is well.
with love from katiedaise

How'd I do for my first beauty type blog post?
Do you have any go-to product for seasonal dry skin worth sharing?