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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It Is What It Is.

Here's a tweet I found the other day, and it really makes me put things into perspective. I'm currently a biology major at a university here in the wondrous state of Arizona. My entire college career (which consists of one semester so far) I have contemplated my choice of major. Mostly, I chose biology because it is very universal as an undergraduate degree, however I am not enjoying it. I thought of many different options to find happiness, from switching schools or majors, but I am just so lost when it comes to finding what makes me happy. Anyone in a similar situation can fully appreciate the kind of stress this puts on me as a student and as a human. It's a different kind of stress, that kind that limits a person from enjoying their life's little things. This makes the above mentioned tweet irrelevant to my situation. In fact, the only people who could take the advice this tweet provides, are the people who go into college or university knowing precisely what they want to get out of it. Not to say I am immune to every once of happiness a person could possibly experience, but it sure feel like it, sometimes. This is the point where I would normally start crying as I am looking my unhappiness dead in the eye but I am too determined to make to best of myself at any expense possible.

         One day, I hope that this very unhappy and stressful stage will only give a point of reference to any happiness that I will encounter in the future. I feel like too many other things in my life will not depend on my education. There is no point in getting broken to pieces over it as I will only better be able to distinguish true happiness. One day, I'll look the love of my life in the eye and say "I do." One day, I'll bandage my son or daughter's scraped knee. One day, I'll fall from a perfectly good airplane or from a perfectly intact bridge. One day, I'll board an airplane with no idea of It's intended destination. Until then I'll relish in this stress so that in each of those moments I'll be able to distinguish the good from bad things in my life.

Here's to me (and to you, as we are in similar situations if you're still reading this) finding happiness in the little things until a more fulfilling happiness comes our way.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goodbye 2013!

My first moments of 2014 was spent with good people and a belly full of yummy food. I hope yours went well just the same!

Each year I like to make a list of irrelevant things to accomplish. Here it is fresh from the press, although I will usually add things as I finish others.

In fact I just thought of another!
I hereby state #6  will be to cut "like" from my vocabulary as it has somehow snuck its way in my daily conversations more often than I prefer.

I'd love to hear what your resolutions or goals are no matter how small or large, and we can keep each other updated throughout the year.

xoxo katiedaisie