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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The 'Draft' Craft

Well it's been one hot minute since my last published post, but I do have just one question.

Why do I have more drafts than I do published posts?
Being fair, I do not have zillions of posts overall but the drafts outweigh publishes, heavily. I've decided to start a completely new post rather than struggle to revise a started post. Not sure why, all these unfinished posts are as such but I do know one thing: I haven't stopped thinking of things to write about, or for that matter trying to write about the thoughts I have. 

I may be able to contribute most of hesitation to push the publish button to not being completely happy with the sight I see when I push 'View Blog" even though I know that is hardly a viable excuse.
In attempt banish the hesitation, I've decided to try and formulate at a minimum of one publishable post per week. This goal seems absolutely feasible and surprisingly enough is causing any kind of nerves or anxiety.

A post for this week (June, 15th-21st) complete. 

I will even throw in an unnecessary selfie that I am too self conscious to post to Instagram for the time being.

xoxo, k.
P.S. I'd love to know what your favorite kind of blog posts are or who your favorite blogger is? Otherwise you can leave some love in the comments and I promise to respond. ; )

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