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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer 2014

SO summer officially comes to and end as tomorrow is the first day of fall semester.

     I'm more excited than nervous about school: which is the reverse of the feelings I had at this time just one year ago. Excited to be 17 credits closer to a degree and just being done, but 17 credits closer to a degree that may or may not be put to good use. Still struggling with the fact that 
I don't know
 what I want from my life as far a professional career goes but coming to terms with the fact that "I don't know" is not quite mature but an entirely accurate statement. 

   Hank Green has a wonderful outlook on the phrase "I don't know" and it's an outlook that I find extremely comforting. Hank takes a philosophical viewpoint a states that "I don't know" is the most true statement a person can make. Thinking is not equal to knowing and what you think you know is nothing more than an opinion. You can find it here but be warned that it took me two watchings to fully understand.

     I'm not even sure why (who can be sure of anything after watching that) it's so comforting? I guess because it make me think that everyone who knows, or thinks they know, what they're doing is actually doing nothing more than putting on a charade (except wouldn't that makes me feel ignorant). Acting like I know what I'm doing is how I got threw the entirety of elementary, middle, and high school but I also wonder why that isn't working now? 

This semester schedule was planned not mid spring 2014 semester, as it should have been, but late summer. Late July I had picked my most important classes, Organic Evolution, Physics, and food a culture. Later July came Women Sexuality from a random draw of culture classes, and Physics changed to physics with an easier professor. Early August after much internal debate came Entomology (study of bugs, yuck but easy). Just two days ago I decided Women Sexuality wasn't a class I wanted to take and so it was swapped for Sex,Violence, and Media.

There it is in all it's glory. 
Five classes. 
17 credits worth of enhancement or punishment to my standing GPA.

Today I also emailed back and forth with my advisor on the topic of adding a second major. maybe it'll work out or maybe it won't.
Maybe everything will work out, maybe it won't.
I don't know.

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