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Monday, March 30, 2015

Style Inspiration: LoveLaurenElizabeth

It would be safe for you to guess that I spent my weekend obsessing over an internet girl by the handle LoveLaurenElizabeth. I've been envious of her fashion style for a while now but her Instagram (which is where all the pictures referenced above call home) really seals the deal for me. What an aesthetic! I love that she is very aware of her personal taste and is not afraid of her monochrome comfort zone. She knows what she likes but she's also not afraid of outfits that aren't entirely black and white either. 

If you've read my post about Alexa Chung (find it here) you'll know that I love when people make use of very basic pieces in their everyday wardrobe because it feels genuine, like something I'm able to do. I think Lauren takes this to the extreme but also keeps a realistic variety of shapes and textures in her wardrobe, so much so that her use of basics aren't something you'll notice right away.

The fact that she is seemingly confident in all of her clothes inspires me to work my wardrobe in favor of my confidence and how I feel wearing my clothes!

I hope your case of the mondays is only a mild one this week!
from kpeterr with love

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