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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Vegan Donuts

Last week was particularly rough and come the end, I wanted to treat myself. Now I'd like to share that I do not define myself or my dietary intake as vegan or 'plant-based' in any way/shape. I do not carefully select clothing for animal based threads or opt for 'vegan leather' shoes. In full disclosure, I had no idea any of the sweets at this shop were vegan as that's not it's targeted consumer. Looking through their online menu I noticed all their donuts are nicely labeled vegan and gluten free. Seems like a good thing and I was extremely excited to give it a go. After all, it is a donut, how could it go wrong?)

I walked into Urban Cookies Bake Shop with my head held high but had forgotten my camera but I still haven't got the knack of taking blog-type photographs in public so I probably wouldn't have used it anyways. I used my phone to snap the few quickies you see in this post.

"The cutest little shop filled to the brim with handmade goodies so cute that you'll start drool the instant you step through the door," is the only way I can think the describe it. This statement doesn't even cover how yummy their donuts are though. I was looking for a treat not a splurge so I only purchased a few donuts to share with my family but if all the other goodies taste as good as they looked then I'm really in for my next splurge. The donuts were great and if I had not careful read the label I wouldn't have even known that the ingredients were friendly to the vegan  and gluten free crowds. As a baked-cake donut they tasted exactly as you'd expect a normal cake donut to taste.

I went for a cinnamon-sugar one and a chocolate sprinkles one. Beautiful little things they were. The chocolate was rich and the cake tasted of vanilla with a crispy layer on the outside, cakey on the inside texture. I'm very sure that my next trip to Urban Cookies Bake Shop will happen in the very near future.

from kpeterr with love

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  1. I'm craving a donut now :) Both of your choices look really yummy! x