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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring Things

Spring is one of my favorite seasons (mostly because it's just like summer but not as hot outside). It's okay to shed a few of those extra layers, the air smells different, and fruit is coming in season! Everyone is getting their swimming pools ready and popsicles are being inventoried for coming summer sun. Here are a few things to do as we all shake off those winter blues.

Practice your bouquet arranging
Whether you buy the allergen free versions from the grocery/flower shop or steal a few buds from your neighbor's front garden, nows the time to try your hand. Use those extra bits of ribbon you have laying a round to steal your arrangement and you've got a great gift for a loved one! 

Take a personal dance break from your spring cleaning
How could you not? I've even put together a little 8tracks action of my current 'get up and dance' favorites so you won't have to do the grunt work, just press play! If free time freestyle isn't your thing, grab a friend and learn some basics on youtube before pressing play.

dig out the bike and ride to the nearest ice cream shop
This one is self explanatory but is my favorite 'typical spring activity.' I remember when I was really young my family would sometimes ride bikes to Baskin Robbins after dinner. Even though I was pretty young I remember having a lot of fun and it's a great way to get out of the house.

Pack your best finger food for a picnic with your besties
I know your spring cleaning lead you to your stache of old bedding you have hidden for painting drop cloths or scrap fabric. Pick the most pretty one, pack up your favorite finger food, and drag your friends or significant other for an internet-less hangout session. Don't forget you camera so you can catch up with your internet friends later!

Scout your local honey harvesters
Eating honey from your local bees will help build up your immune system to the pollen strains found in your area without emphasizing the sniffly symptoms.Where I live, every gas station or truck stop just outside any city will have a display of various flavors and levels of processing but try a local farm or ranch or even the weekend farmers market.

What is your favorite 'Spring Things' to do? Do you have a post about them, cause I want to read it?


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