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Thursday, February 5, 2015

First Bath Bomb Experience

My most recent bath tub experience before this included sitting on the side of the tub and learning how to shave. I think I was maybe thirteen or so?

Last week (a very stressful, school work filled, week), I found myself wandering into my local Lush store. I knew I wanted to pamper myself (Lush always seems to make you feel that way too, right?) and in my opinion, bath bombs are their most intriguing product. After smelling the each of the different colored bulbly-looking things, I went for the large yellow/beige one from a wooden box labeled 'Honey Bee,' Mostly because I really just liked how the scent was subtle compared to all the others but let me tell you, it was just as delicious.

I did know how bath bombs worked but I was definitely not prepared for the experience, in any way. IT WAS SO FUN to just watch the thing explode into bubbly goodness and float around the water spreading it's now liquid joy. The experience was less photogenic than I had anticipated as the final water color was almost like a muted lemon meringue pie and less bubbles lingered as the pictures online led me to believe. To be completely honest, it was a little daunting before I got in the tub but it was peaceful and refreshing once I settled in. I felt like I imagine the girl in Lee Price's bath paintings to feel (they're cool, check'em out).

I really enjoyed sitting in the bath tub and calming down at the end of the week. It was totally luxurious and made me feel refreshed and even a little excited for the week to come. Tell me what your favorite bath bomb is and maybe I'll give it a go in the very near future?


(P.S.  I'm choosing to be blindly naive about the color of my bath water, my mom thought of it as something completely different from lemon meringue pie)

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