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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Oysho to USA

During my internet peruses as of late, I've been finding myself surfing the UK version of Oysho.com.
I really love how cozy everything looks and I want to buy it all, but there's one small issue. Except for select countries, they don't ship internationally. I'm sure it's a messy customs issue or something but I feel like :(.

Just about everything is so cute and cuddly-looking. I want it all but I am mostly interested in their sock selection. Socks are my favorite article of clothing because my feet are always cold. I could be sweating everywhere else but my feet are still uncomfortably cold. Yes, I am of the martian species who sleeps with socks. Hey Oysho, I want to dip my toes in the warmth that your plushiest socks provide.

In the winter collection they had a dreamy pair of pants, almost like the ones pictured above but with a plushy-fuzzy type fabric and they looked to be sent straight from heaven. These ones look almost just as good and I want that smooth fabric to caress my thighs like no other sweats have before.

Unmentionables are probably my least favorite thing to shop for but online it's less of an issue. I noticed a lot of Oysho's bras are without that underwire bit and how does it get better than that? Perfect for any/all occasion/s in my opinion.

The shop kind of reminds me of aerie for American Eagle and I like that this company features a similar but more minimalistic style. Everything seems so versatile and I really just want to be able to place an order

So Oysho, what do you say? Ship To USA!


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