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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

In Your Twenties

I saw this on tumblr a couple months ago and I've had it pinned in my liked posts ever since.

     Up until very recently, this was something that I never wanted to forget (hence being pinned in my likes). I say 'up until recently' because I'm very slowly seeing that I'm not the only person entirely terrified of having no idea what they're doing. That feeling 'need to remember' is turning to failure to forget.

     Call me crazy, but fresh out of high school I couldn't help but think that I was a failure of a person because I didn't know what I wanted to study or do or even try for the first time.  I still don't but I no longer feel the need to repress these "OH MY GOSH WHERE IS MY LIFE GOING" sort of lost-in-limbo-land feelings. Initially, thats why I enjoyed this so much. It told me I was allowed to enjoy not knowing what I liked and what I didn't like. Now I'm questioning why, even after twenty, I ever have to stop enjoying the self discovery process.

     It's a very good message and I still come back to it often. Though by this definition, why couldn't you be selfish your entire life? Truth is, I never want to stop tinkering with shit, I'll travel by walking for as long as I can stand (then I'll roll over the toes of any brat who dares stop my wheelchair), and I'll be forever exploring the depth of my own headspace. 

"love a lot, love a little, and never touch the ground,"

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