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Monday, June 15, 2015


It's not very often that other people can explain your feelings better than you. It does happen though. Mostly with music lyrics that are open for interpretation, but sometimes my best friend will say something about me that explains a whole lot of the parts of my personality that I haven't been able to understand, and sometimes it happens with things you see on the internet. Whenever it does happen for you, I think it's important to relish in those moments of pure clarity and take them as little knowledge mints (like how mints refresh your breath but for your brain). Jenna Marbles made this video earlier this week and it just really hit home for me. Usually she does a lot of funny things and her wacky humor just hits me right in the giggle dick, but lately she's been posting some real good life advice. I'm not sure if this quite sits on the "2real2handle' side of her video spectrum but I do want to remember the way this video gave me the kind of unique feels that only only happen every so often.


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