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Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer Essentials

❤ Degree Dry Protection - Shower Clean
First and most important, D.O. for the B.O.. This has been my go to for a while now. Really gets the job done if you know what I mean. I like my D.O.s to have a little antiperspirant as well because Arizona is sweat inducing 24/7. I know its probably not the best for my health and the armpits on all my shirts really take a beating but to be sweat free is worth it to me. It smells pretty good too but more like clean sheets than shower fresh.

❤ Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Creme
 I remember a girl I followed on Tumblr swearing by it while I had a streak of hating all moisturizers I tried, I found this at the drugstore and haven't looked back. That was in the early years of high school  for me and I just don't think I'll ever find anything that compares. It's a light gel, like so light that when you stick your finger in you can't tell if you're touching product of not, and it absorbs in seconds to leave your skin soft. It's truly a heaven send for me because my skin does the whole dry/flakey kind of thing and this is powerful enough to quench the driest parts of my face though you might not expect a gel to do that. As you can tell I already have purchased a replacement.

❤ Simple Foaming Cleanser
 I wouldn't classify my skin as sensitive but this definitely gets the job done without being aggressive. Brownie points in my book! Its not harsh on your skin which is important after a long day soaking up the sun but cleans up what my makeup remover leaves behind. With no animal derived ingredients how could you go wrong with this?

❤ BioOil 
An absolute must have for me since I do have dry skin and acne scarring. If I have some extra time in the morning, which I usually do because I don't have to rush off to class, I like to slather my face with it and hang out for a couple minutes before washing my face for the day. This works wonders for scars and dry skin patches anywhere on my body.

❤ Nip + Fab Skin Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Pads
The most recent thing I've added to my skin care collection and I'm so glad I did. I've only used it a couple of times but I already see a difference. This comes with 60 cotton rounds and smells like citrus. I like to use it on the ends of my shoulders cause I get little ances there but this has cleared that up completely with every-other-day use. These haven't healed any of my acne scars like I had originally hoped when I brought these home but I've only used this a couple times and my pores have shrunk. With the cheap price I think it's well worth giving a try!

❤ Neutrogena Body Clear Body Spray 
I don't use it often but it is a lifesaver for ances that are just out of reach because it sprays even when you hold it upside down. If you're turned off by strongly scented products, you'll want to stay clear of this but clear skin is worth it to me so its handy for swim suit season! I like to use it at night so I don't smell all chemically during the day.

❤ Essie Nail polish in Bikini So Teeny
My current favorite nail polish and periwinkle at it's finest! I always like Essie nail polishes because they are the perfect consistency for getting a smooth polish job. I'm always on the lookout for new shades of polish so tell me your favorites in the comments!

❤ Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Mascara
Perfect for summer and I know it's not a skin care product, but I wanted to include it anyways because its really the only cosmetic I use on a daily basis during this season. I love this stuff because its the first mascara I've found that sets in time to shape my lashes exactly how I want. The lashes of my left eye grow in funny directions because once upon a time I had a sty that didn't heal correctly (gross but it happens, right?). Its nice to be able to get them to stay they way they're supposed to. The formula is also super defining but allows you to build coats for volume without clumping. Also, it's one of the first formulas that doesn't leave marks as my face oils throughout the day. It's a staple for me!

There ya have it folks. Eight of my go-to summer products, tell me about yours?


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