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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Katies of Christmases Past (The Early Years)

Whatever holiday you and your family celebrated or will celebrate this winter break, I wanted to wish you well. My family normally celebrates christmas and I'd like to commemorate this day with a 'typical white girl' #ThrowbackThursday
My Second Christmas (1995). A poorly focused camera at the mall's 'Santa Display' tried to capture my mom (furthest left), a baby me in red (sat on my mom's lap, left of santa), the big man himself, and my brother (sat to to the right of Santa). I'm not sure why the picture is so terrible but seeing as the rest of the pictures documenting this christmas I'm asleep or playing with a box this is the best I have.

I'm not sure what year this was but this picture is displayed year round perched on a shelf in the living room. Same mall display, possibly the same santa, but at least the kiosk upgraded the camera/camera man. I look not very happy for some reason but my brother (left of St. Nick) is having a jolly good time!

Christmas 1998. We had moved on form the mall Santa this year! My grandma (right) got an akita puppy and my cousin (not shown), brother (left) and I named 'Mr. T' with the 't' short for 'trouble.' I can just barely remember this year and the mountains of presents that surrounded to tree. I had gotten a furby and remember thinking it was the coolest thing but being too scared of the thing to play with it!

I hope you had a wondrous holiday this year and I'd love to know what you celebrated!


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