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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hello 2015!

I cannot say 2014 was a bad year. I couldn't even whisper it but I'll surely welcome 2015 as a breath of fresh air.

Having completed everything on my list of to-dos for 2014 (which you can read here) I don't necessarily have a list of things I want/need to do in the upcoming 12 month period. If I were to write up a list, all the items could be summed up with the simple phrase 'do more.' I'd like to learn more, read more, spend more time outside, love more of myself, and find more to love about other people... etc.. 

This is so cliche to say but with each passing year I can feel myself growing emotionally stronger. Not that I would have ever defined myself as emotionally weak but I'm learning more about myself and how to be confident about what it is that I have to offer the world. I really can't wait to see what challenges, rewards, failures, and opportunities reveal themselves in the new year and maybe, just maybe I'll document them as they present themselves.

Happy New Year and Good Luck.


P.s. Lets talk about your resolutions for the new year!

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